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Can my child bring their mobile phone to camp?

Children should only bring a mobile phone with them to camp if they need to contact their parents/guardian to let them know they have arrived at camp or are leaving camp. They should be kept in their bags at all other times. If they are seen being used during camp, they will be removed from the child and placed in the safe until the child leaves. If the parent needs to contact the child during the day they can do so by calling the camp emergency mobile number. Camp Energy takes no responsibility for any damage or loss unless negligence is proven on Camp Energy’s part.

What if my child leaves some belongings at camp?

We endeavour to return any property left at Camp Energy but are only able to do so if the property is labelled. This is why we ask that all property and clothing has your child’s name on it. We will contact you after the close of camp to arrange a way of returning your items.

How are children grouped?

Children are split into three groups depending on their age. Fun Bunch (4-7 years), Action Gang (8-10 years) and Academy (11-13 years).

Will my children be in the same group as their friends?

Our groups are designed to provide the correct level of care, and types of activity with others of the same age. We are more than happy to have an older sibling look after a younger one, or for friends to be in the same group if, even though their ages are different. Just let us know at the time of booking, there is a section for this on the Booking Form.

How does the camp solicit parents’ opinions, suggestions, and concerns?

Questionnaires, parents comment book, talking to staff, and a suggestion box.

Are there some parents I can call for references?

Yes. Please ask us for details.

Does the camp offer flexible schedules?

Yes, children can join camp on a day-by-day basis.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended, however, children can be booked onto Camp on the same day as attending.

Is there a membership fee, must parents join the sponsoring organisation in order for their child to participate?


Are scholarships / sponsorships available?

Scholarships and sponsorships are available. Please email to see if you’re eligible.

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