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Are there systems or methods for keeping track of each child and making sure every child receives attention and care?

Yes, signing in and out sheets, coded doors, small groups, key persons, and camp policies are all in place to ensure that children are safe.

Is the facility and outdoor environment safe and clean?

Yes, coded doors and supervision by staff ensure that children remain safe. At Camp we also operate a ‘buddy’ system whereby the children look out for each other. Children are encouraged to keep the site tidy, however camp staff clean all rooms at the end of each day, as well as school cleaners. We also nominate a ‘Recycling’ monitor to each group.

Is the environment inviting, exciting, and fun, but also warm and nurturing?

Yes, children’s work is displayed around the site with bright coloured posters. Staff are friendly and welcoming for parents and children.

How do parents receive information about what their child is doing?

Feedback from children and staff, as well as displays of children’s art work, photo slide shows of the activities, and weekly trophies and prizes.

What are the specific rules children must follow, and what are the consequences for not following those rules?

Camp Energy uses a three strike discipline system. Strike 1 – the child is
given a verbal warning and their name is recorded, Strike 2 – the child is
sent to speak to the manager, Strike 3 – the parents are informed. If such
behaviour persists the parents will be asked to remove their child from camp.

What happens if I refer someone who books on camp?

If they book on for 5 or more days (either consecutively or all booked within the same camp) then you will get a free day at camp!  They just need to let us know that you referred them.

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