The prices quoted for camps are inclusive of all activities and sundries that Camp Energy provide.

Full payment of Camp is due one week before the first day of the camp. Camp Energy does not send reminders and reserves the right to cancel bookings and charge the appropriate cancellation fee where necessary. All cancellations must be made in writing, and will be confirmed in writing by Camp Energy.

If you must cancel a booking, the following refunds apply.
Up to 14 days prior to your booking a full refund will be made.
14-7 days prior to booking, 50% of fees will be refunded.
7-1 days prior to booking, 0% of fees will be refunded.
Alternatively, any booking may be postponed and redeemed during the same holiday period (where spaces are available).
We do not charge if you change your dates within 14 days of the start of camp.

Behaviour at Camp
Camp Energy reserves the right to refuse or exclude any child, at any time prior to, or during the camp, if in the opinion of the management and the team that the child is incompatible with the general running and well being of camp. In this instance no refund will be given and any costs incurred, including any damage or transportation will be passed on to the parents/guardians.

Course Cancellation
Camp Energy reserves the right to cancel courses, activities and timetables at any time. In the event of a camp being cancelled a full refund will be given or a credit will be issued.

Off Site Excursions
Camp Energy often has activities away from the main site. It is assumed that all children attending are allowed to participate in these activities, and that parental consent has been given for that participation.

Water Safety
All Children participating in any activity that is based in, or around a body of water needs to be water confident.

Data Protection
Information supplied on your booking form is strictly confidential and will only be used for Prime Energy Ltd purposes, it will not be divulged to any persons or companies not connected with Prime Energy Ltd.

Camp energy often take photographs and video of its activities for brochures and advertising materials. As a Parent/Legal Guardian, by allowing your children to participate at Camp Energy you hereby agree to irrevocably grant to Camp Energy, a subsidiary of Prime Energy Ltd, the right (but not the obligation) in perpetuity and in all media either now or heretofore unknown, to use in any manner Camp Energy deems appropriate, and without limitation in and in connection, by whatever means exhibited, advertised or exploited your children’s appearance in any format. If you wish to opt your child out of any photos please inform the manager upon your arrival at camp.

Mobile Phones
Children should only bring a mobile phone with them to camp if they need to contact their parents/guardian to let them know they have arrived at camp or are leaving camp. They should be kept in their bags at all other times. If they are seen being used during camp, they will be removed from the child and placed in the safe until the child leaves. If the parent needs to contact the child during the day they can do so by calling the camp emergency mobile number. Camp Energy takes no responsibility for any damage or loss unless negligence is proven on Camp Energy’s part.

Camp Energy does not accept liability for the loss or damage to property, personal injury or death of any participant unless negligence is proven on Camp Energy’s part.

A list of Camp Energy policies can be viewed on the web site or at our venue during camp dates.

Lost Property
It is very difficult to return lost property which is unnamed and the child has left camp. Please ensure that you have all your belongings when you leave camp. Any unclaimed lost property will be donated to a local charity 14 days after the camp has closed.

We cannot guarantee activities will fall on certain days. There are also age restrictions on certain activities. Please contact the office for further information.

Membership Packages
Each membership is valid for one year from the date purchased. All credits must be used (with the child attending camp) within this year. They cannot be carried over.

Last Day of Camp
On the last day of every camp we close the site at 5pm in order to clear up and be able to leave the site.

Dates for 2018

Kingham Hill School

Future dates to be announced soon!


Contact & FAQs


Office tel: 01869 352000


Camp tel: 01608 731885

Camp mobile: 07856 870455


Photos and videos at camp

If you would prefer for your child to
not appear in photos or videos at
camp, please let us know.
















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